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  1. 1st place Life Framer photography contest, "An Instant", 2014

  2. 2nd place Photo Essay award, TIPA, 2015

My grandfather's beloved Polaroid 600 was the very first camera I ever picked up. I was just five years old and was simply astounded by the magic of instant photography and how dreamy and timeless shooting polaroids felt to me. This magic followed me throughout my childhood and into the beginning of my adult life. Whether it was my dad's point and shoot, a disposable camera, or the vintage polaroid cameras I thrifted at antique stores- I took photos of anything and everything. I purchased a Canon AE-1 35mm film camera when I turned 17 years old and my love for film had been reignited once again. I've always found that film had a certain kind of enchantment to it. As I grew older and more serious about photography, I completely transferred to digital and now shoot with my Canon 5d MKII. Photography has always stuck with me and it is something that I've always been extremely passionate about. 

I am constantly inspired by light, traveling, human connection, nature, color, textiles, motherhood, music, and anything pastel. I have an obsession with plants, bubble baths and chai tea. When I'm not snapping away, you can find me creating macrame plant hangers, or chasing my energetic fifteen month old girl around our home. Her name is Eden and she is the brightest light in my life!